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NWO Coin Unveiled At G8
Calling it “a good sign that we understand how interdependent we are,” Russian president Dmitry Medvedev presented world leaders and journalists attending the G8 summit in in L’Aquila, Italy a sample of what may become a “united future world currency.”

“In all likelihood something similar could appear and it could be held in your hand and used as a means of payment,” Medvedev told reporters. “This is the international currency.”

Russia first put forward the idea at the last G8 summit in London last April. China has been another vocal advocate for a one-world currency to replace the American dollar, which has dominated international currency markets since the end of World War II. French president Nicholas Sarkozy lent his support for such an effort during the summit, insisting that “we cannot stick with just one single currency.”

“We are discussing both the use of other national currencies, including the ruble, as a reserve currency, as well as supranational currencies,” the Russian leader said at a news conference following the G8 summit.

The coin, created by The Royal Mint of Belgium, bears the phrase “unity in diversity.” Special gold editions were presented as gifts to G8 world leaders by United Future World Currency, which is spearheading the project.

The UFWC project was conceived back in 1996 by Sandro Sassoli, on the advice of Arthur Schlessinger Jr, former adviser to American President John F. Kennedy.

There are plans for the NWO currency to undergo a public test run at the 2015 Milan Universal Expo.
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