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The organizers of the United Future World Forexhardy> possess started the industry’s first ever before “eco-coin” at that 12 months’s Industry Cash Honest. An illustration of the coin was offered to Industry Income Honest President Hans-Henning Göhrum and life time President Mr. Albert Beck on the occasion of the Fair’s 40th anniversary. It calendar year’s actions needed arrange in Berlin from January 28-30, 2011, at the Estrel Convention Centre.
At a ceremony attended by the organizers of the UFWC alongside with representatives of the Royal Mint, the Royal Dutch Mint, the Casa de Real, the Italian State Mint, and representatives from Cookson Treasured Metals, suppliers of the ecosilver metal, each the current and life time presidents of the World Money Fair were every presented with one of the UFWC’s most up-to-date prototype eco-coins minted by the founder of the UFWC, Dr. Sandro Sassoli. The ceremony was filmed by Italian and German TV and additionally attended by representatives from a number of numismatic publications.
That is the initially one ounce prototype coin authorized by the United Long term World Currency, the first ever coin to be minted in ecosilver and is the initially coin to carry the designated “2” numeral proposed denomination. The coin was minted at the Royal Mint in the Combined Kingdom, struck to the correct specifications as the internationally-acclaimed “Britannia” silver precious metal bullion coin. A total of simply 100 examples have been struck to evidence quality.
Mr. Beck depicted his delight at getting the coin, commenting that he supported the United Long term Industry Currency effort and needs the project continued success. For the duration of the ceremony, Dr. Sassoli commented which the coin was minted to prompt the numismatic scene’s aspect in sourcing wisely refined metals that are less damaging to the environment, for both flow and commemorative coins.
The coin licensed by the UFWC is the first coin at any time to be minted using the ecosilver product which is presently becoming marketed by Cookson Treasured metals, refiners of the ecometal range. The treat brings the distinctive ecosilver brand that can be seen just under the calendar year “2011”.
A second coin was concurrently struck at the Italian Condition Mint, produced out of beforehand used Italian lire coinage. This golden coloured coin was issued to mark the approaching EXPO’ Milan world honest in 2015. The treat style holds the commemorative inscription as well as the internationally acknowledged recycled insignia, denoting the recycled content of the specifically authorized prototype coin.
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