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Within the project UFWC - United Future World Currency In accordance with the sustainable development themes that inspire today's world, for the first time in the world a special issue of the United Future World Currency made entirely of recycled metal will be coined.

The UFWC is the project of a global virtual currency, which was presented last year to all Leaders of the G8 Summit, and has received a great response worldwide, so that the same Russian President Dmitrij Medvedev has officially presented it to the public during the press conference of the event. This year the project was presented at the World Money Fair, Berlin.

The Eco-Coin represents a major international project made possible thanks to the contribution of European and U.S. organizations which are highly specialized in the recycling of waste materials, whose cutting-edge technologies now allow the fusing of different metals. Sandro Sassoli, inventor and UFWC project coordinator which was developed early in 1996 with the collaboration of Arthur Schlessinger Jr., already adviser of President John F. Kennedy,says: "The green recycling is a fundamental requirement for environmental protection.

The choice to limit the excessive waste and consumption of raw materials and energy will have a central role in future strategies of the industrial world, and the coin, which represents an object of international exchange, is an excellent means of promotion and diffusion because it reaches a large amount of people everywhere. The concept of Eco-Coin ideally joins the values and aspirations of the Milano 2015 Universal Expo, whose theme is "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life". A single coinage that will become a worldwide symbol of great significance, a testimony of the values and aspirations of the Expo, as well as a gadget-memory of great symbolic importance for the estimated 20 million visitors that are expected in the six months of the event.

The design and prototype of the coin is now completed. One side and was produced by Luc Luycx, Royal Belgian Mint coin designer, who has already created the common side of all the euro coins. The mints that will make the first test series of Eco-Coins are now being selected, starting from the Royal Mint of Belgium, Italian State Mint, and German Federal Stuttgart Mint. The UFWC project will soon provide another special issue of a "intelligent money" - "Smart Coin", able to incorporate a new generation of photonic microchips. Some advantages of “Metal Recycling Saves Energy” Recycling scrap metal reduces greenhouse gas emissions and uses less energy than making metal from virgin ore.

The amount of energy saved using various recycled metals compared to virgin ore is up to: -- 92 percent for aluminum -- 90 percent for copper -- 56 percent for steel Metal Recycling Conserves Natural Resources Metal recycling also conserves natural resources. Recycling one ton of steel conserves 2,500 pounds of iron ore, 1,400 pounds of coal and 120 pounds of limestone. Recyling a ton of aluminum conserves up to 8 tons of bauxite ore and 14 megawatt hours of electricity


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