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Adriano Conrado Veronezi
World Currency! is all that humanity needs!
Already learned to use the natural resources in a sustainable way, we have technology evolves, the medicine has evolved, we have quick transport from one continent to another, alinguagem also, we have basic sanitation. Treat well water, now only nosresta and take care of our brothers, human beings! And live in peace on earth! Without wars, fights and killings!
What we need to have the unification of the currency?
The Brazilian currency has control of ballast, are recorded and are produced in limited amount in accordance with the financial handling of the country. As the country grows
With exports to more value for money buys the coins of other countries.
Only that competition for the account of the value of money, we have to run after that limited amount of money issued by the Central Bank.
Do the people need to pay for this?
It is so many people hungry
It is illegal so many people seeking alternatives to survive
One against the other people ... and we are here in the same "boat"
Unlove is both, right?
We must think beyond the separation of continents to me only in Mercosur brings problems.
European countries such as Italy have already spoken to the world currency
But our foreign debt? Ahhh, but we can not forget that countries like the USA has a debt that light years beyond the value of Brazilian debt.

Adriano Conrado Veronezi
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