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Dick (Curitiba, PR, Brasil)
Well, I like coins because they make me think about the ancient times, the present and the future. And in my opinion, the new coin seems to be interesting.

I think the world is already one, so I would prefer not to use the word "future" in this case, because it all is already happening.

A global currency is not just another currency - it is THE currency, and I would call it "United World Currency", or, simply, "coin". Its symbol could be a simple "C" that would officially mean "currency" - and also would bring many ideas like "coin", "central", "classic", "conquest", "civilisation", "citizen", "connection", "common", "coexistence", "consensus", etc. (and many other good things like "cash", "credit', "consumerism", "celebration", "concert", "Clapton", "Cherry Currie", the "middle C" (piano), "Curitiba", "cold" (weather), "coffee", "computer", "drive C:", "cell phone", "Coca-Cola", "chocolate", "cheddar", etc. :) hahahah)

Thank you!
Dick (Curitiba, PR, Brasil)
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